Maison Alivon company has been manufacturing hot stamping tools in BRONZE since 1812.

We are pleased to present them on this website.

Types / letters in bronze. These are sets of 100, 130, 170 characters or more, each letter or sign comes in multiples. The « composition » of the letter set depends on the language whether it be English, French or Spanish. Numbers come by set of 30, i.e. 3 sets of each number. Our types can be used for hand gilding with type holders or for hot stamping machines.

Single « Pattern » hand tools. The pattern hand tools are represented and classified by time periods and styles. They can also be custom-made to special orders or designs.

« Line » hand tools. Made in bronze, these are available in sets of straight lines or short curves so to allow the artist to follow any design outlines. Series « Art » consists of 43 curves and 7 additional corresponding « shorter curves ». Series « F » consists of 13 straight lines. Both sets are the most useful to complete almost any designs and are neccessary for any finishers working in modern designs.
Palettes are traditionally used to decorate the spine of the books, whereas Rolls/ wheels are meant to be used for the cover. While these tools are used for different purposes, they have the same design. We have put together the main patterns, but we can make any others on special order. « period » designs.

We can also provide gold leaves and gold stamping foils as well as other stamping tools, such as wax seals, dies, dry stamp pads, etc…

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